Pharmaceutical Formulations and New Innovations

Pharmaceutical formulation, in pharmaceutics, is the proseduer in which various chemical substances, including the active drug, are used to produce a final medicinal drug. The word formulation is often use in a way that includes dosage form. Pre-formulation involves the characterization of a drug's physical, chemical, and mechanical charteristics in order to choose what other products should be used in the procedure. Pharmaceutical innovation may not apply the same definition of "initiative" as other industries because while a product might use a new molecule or formula, that by itself holds very little value. For people that need the product the health benefits that were not previously achievable may be a deciding factor as to whether or not it is initiative. While a pharmaceutical company may view a product that fills a niche as innovative if it can produce a profit

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Related Conference of Pharmaceutical Formulations and New Innovations

October 24-25, 2024

8th International Conference on Protein Engineering

Zurich, Switzerland

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