Tissue Engineering& DNA Technology Drug Theraptics

According to current thinking, tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary topic that uses engineering and life science ideas to the creation of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or enhance tissue function or the function of an entire organ. A branch of biomedical engineering known as tissue engineering makes use of cells, engineering, materials science, and appropriate biochemical and physicochemical elements to replace, improve, or repair various biological tissue types. Drug treatment problems or drug-related problems are terms used in the field of pharmaceutical care to define and classify clinical issues associated with the use of pharmaceuticals or medications. Pharmacists, who are knowledgeable with the safety and efficacy of drugs, frequently identify, prevent, and/or resolve DTPs in clinical practice. However, other healthcare professionals may also handle DTPs. Drugs are categorized into many classes based on their chemical make-up, physical makeup, and intended mode of action.

    Related Conference of Tissue Engineering& DNA Technology Drug Theraptics

    October 24-25, 2024

    8th International Conference on Protein Engineering

    Zurich, Switzerland

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